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UBRAA 2023 Fundraising Recap

From UB Rugby President Pete Mancuso...

2023 was by far our most successful year to date in terms of fund raising. Through our in-person events and a growing list of recurring donors, the UBRAA raised over $20,000 over the last 12 months. This was made possible only through the efforts of our engaged alumni who are devoted to supporting UB Rugby. 

The funds raised are being put to good use. As we explained to our members in September, The UB Student Association has drastically cut funding to the rugby team, which we are determined to make-up. During the season we purchased new practice equipment for the team, including balls and ruck pads. We also sponsored a team meal during a late season road trip. This off-season, we will be purchasing and donating two new sets of game jerseys to replace the team's current sets purchased back in 2018. We plan to continue to work with team leadership to assist with funding the team’s 7s and 15s season this spring. 

New UB Rugby home (L) and away (R) jerseys, donated by the UBRAA

Last, but not least, the UBRAA was able to donate a new Veo Sports camera ( purchased through a generous donation made by Bob Swan ’83.

The camera, with software and lenses specially designed to capture fast moving sports action, will be used to film both home and away UB Rugby matches. The video, along with features in the camera and the accompanying Veo software will help the team to improve performance by studying quality game film and provide alumni, parents and supporters the ability to stream future UB Rugby matches. Thank you again to Bob for this generous donation and for his continued support of the program. 

In addition to generous one-time contributions, we have placed an emphasis on developing recurring donors who donate smaller amounts on a monthly basis. These recurring funds help pay for operational expenses of the organization, fund events and allow the UBRAA to respond to unexpected financial needs of the team without requiring individual fundraising efforts.  Below we recognize and thank all those who made one-time and/or recurring financial contributions throughout 2023:

Tier 1 $1,500+

Tier 2 $500 to $1,500

Tier 3 $1 to $500


Ben Geiss

James Adams

Fitzjames Adams

Nick Ingrao

Paul Schenkel

Keith Fazekas

JD Aspland

Neil Lawther

Bob Swan

Mike Kelly

Justin Brown

Matt McCarthy

Matt Szkotak

Mickey McGuire

Nick Camposeo

Ken Mulvey

Mike Newcomb

Edward Coyne

Rich O'Brien

Jim Temple

Anthony Crispo

Joe Sadden

Nick Yaworsky

Brett Daley

Neil Sheehan

Tim Darling

Tim Skennion

Eric Fritsch

Boris Weinstein

Dillon Fitzgerald

Tim Wetter


Pete Mancuso ‘07




Please consider making a one time contribution or signing up to be a recurring donor. Just click the "Donate" button below to get started.

The UBRAA is registered with the New York State Department of State as a not-for-profitcorporation and is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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