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UB Rugby Celebrates 40th Anniversary Alumni Weekend

Updated: May 7

UB Rugby celebrated their 40th Anniversary Alumni Weekend May 3-5 where the UBRAA proudly hosted multiple generations of ruggers who made memories in what was an unforgettable weekend that was 4 decades in the making. Over 150 players both young and old participated in the weekend’s festivities including over 100 alumni making the trek back to Buffalo.

2024 UB Rugby Alumni Weekend (click to view fullscreen)

Starting on Friday afternoon the UBRAA hosted its 3rd annual Seniors Brunch to welcome in the next generation of alumni. Later that evening at Jack Rabbit Buffalo the undergrads and alumni shared food, drink, and stories before going head-to-head in Saturday’s much anticipated Alumni Vs. Undergrad Game.

Being the 40th anniversary it was only right for the game to be held at the legendary Ellicott rugby pitch, where many alumni got their first opportunity to touch down tries between the professional goalposts installed in 2021, thanks to the generous donations made by the UBRAA. History repeated itself as the alumni side came out victorious, but the undergrads put up a hard fight and with many young faces it may be difficult for the alumni to keep the streak alive next year.

Highlights from the Alumni vs. Undergrad match won by the Alumni side (again)

Saturday night was held at the M Hotel Buffalo, where newly appointed board member, Viru Patel, graciously hosted everyone for a memorable night where both the '77-'83 and '84-'89 teams were inducted into the UBRAA Hall of Fame, and longstanding UBRAA president, Pete Mancuso ‘07, introduced several newly appointed board members.

Highlights from UB Rugby's 2024 Alumni Hall of Fame Dinner

After eight years of service and growing the organization, Matt Szkotak ‘83, Fred Bressette, Jim Temple ‘98, and Fitzjames Adams ‘07, will be passing the torch to Ken Mulvey ‘23 (President), JD Aspland ‘23 (Vice-President), Mike Barkachy ‘18 (Treasurer), and Viru Patel ‘20 (Social Coordinator) to lead the organization towards a bright future.

“Experiencing the contributions and generosity of the UBRAA first-hand over my time as an undergrad made me feel like stepping into this role was the least I could do to give back. UB Rugby has had a profound impact on my life and it’s my goal to continue growing this organization so that future generations of young men can have the same opportunities and experiences I was fortunate enough to have during my college years.” - Incoming UBRAA President Ken Mulvey

Pete is stepping down from the role of president, but will remain on the board along with Keith Fazekas ‘09, Tim Skennion ‘91, Alex Butler ‘16, and Mickey McGuire, who are all excited to work alongside the newly appointed board members.

“UB Rugby means the world to me. It shaped my four years of college and has continued to be influential in the 15 years since I graduated. When we started the UBRAA in 2016, I never imagined that it would have grown into the organization that it is today, with over 300 active members who are motivated by their shared love of UB Rugby to support the current club. Resigning my post as president is bitter sweet, I will miss leading this organization but I am confident we have identified the right people to build upon the strong foundation we created and expand the organization as they see fit. I leave with a gracious heart, as I am most thankful for the trust you have all shown in me to shepherd the UBRAA from infancy to it’s current state.” -Outgoing UBRAA President Pete Mancuso

Pictures from the weekend can be found on our social media. We have also created a gallery where you may download full-size originals, or order prints of pictures from the weekend as well as the photos from the slideshow seen during the HOF dinner. We also have a link to upload your photos from the weekend to share with everyone. Thank you to outgoing board member Fred Bressette for his photographs and for creating these galleries.

The UBRAA would like to thank everyone who was in attendance this past weekend, as well as those who provided financial support. We would not be able to do what we do without your generous support and participation.

We remain steadfast in our objective of growing the team and providing it with the resources it needs to be successful. If you would like to assist, please click the “Donate” button below or email us at to get started.


The UBRAA is registered with the New York State Department of State as a not-for-profit corporation and is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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